How to Stay Happy this Winter


The winter months can really get us down, and if you're prone to getting influenced by the elements, it's worth trying everything you can to make yourself feel better.

Apart from watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game, we have a few ideas that'll make the dark winter months just a little bit lighter.

Keep Things Bright

We love colored walls and pattern wallpaper but sometimes, the dark colors in your space can get you down. Try and identify where you could use some relief and add some white to your space. Light reflects off white, opening up the space and making a small cozy room look much brighter. You could add a white throw, a white rug or change your bedding to white.

Get a happy light

We’re all for using every possible way to stay happy and we absolutely love the Happy Light.


If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, a little self-love goes a long way. Go to your favorite store and pick out some products that’ll keep your skin hydrated and you feeling winter ready.


If a gym membership is too much of a commitment this season, there are free workouts online that can really get you started. For example, we have the Orange Theory Fitness workouts that target different body parts just like you would at the gym. Just be sure to take it a little slow if you’re just starting out. There’s no need to hit those goals if you feel like you’re going to get injured doing it. 

Add Color

Little things that make you smile are an ultimate YES for the season. Indulge in some of the cutest happiness inducing things at the store.

Look Forward to Something

You may not get out much during this time but making plans to meet people will help keep you going. It can get pretty lonely and dark and we can all use a little company, even the 

Plan Your Meals

Love that delicious soup you didn't get enough of at your favorite restaurant? Save up for it over the week or find some recipes and try them out. You can also make yourself a cute menu for the week to keep the excitement going!

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